A Different Approach to Construction Law

I am a construction arbitrator, mediator and construction lawyer.  In 2005, after practicing exclusively in the area of construction law for 13 years, I started my own practice devoted to representing clients in the construction industry. I have been a construction arbitrator and mediator for over 12 years and now spend the majority of my time in this capacity.

I started my firm because the design and construction processes demand an elevated need and understanding of both construction and design concepts and because my background working in construction operations has enabled me to be a much bigger asset to the parties in arbitration and mediation and to my clients. For over 30 years now, whether I am serving as an arbitrator, mediator or construction lawyer, if it relates to the construction arena, that is where you will find me.

For a more complete understanding of my background and experience as well as an explanation of how I try to differentiate myself from my peers, please visit the other sections of this website.

Our company benefits from working with a boots on the ground attorney that understands the construction environment. We don’t pay for a lot of time spent discussing the basics of what we do.

Todd Ball, P.E. – The Bristol Group, Inc.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

I am a member of the American Arbitration Association’s National Panel of Construction and Commercial Neutrals (Large Complex Panel), the AAA’s Roster of Mediators, the AAA Dispute Review Board Panel of Neutrals, the Dispute Review Board Foundation’s Panel of Construction Neutrals and a trained mediator offering arbitration, neutral and mediation services on matters relating to the construction industry.

Geographical Practice

My arbitration and mediation services frequently take me to projects located in the southeastern and mid-western portions of the US.  I also frequently represent construction, engineering and design clients on a wide variety of projects located in other states and provide services to Kentucky-based clients and clients from other states.

Front End Services

My previous experience has given me the opportunity to be directly involved in the operations side of construction to handle risk management, insurance, banking and surety issues. I utilize this experience in advising clients on front end operational matters and contract negotiation to help control risk and avoid claims.