My Approach

…to Construction Law

I am passionate about construction and always have been. There are not many lawyers that devote their entire practice to construction and even fewer that have practical construction experience. I am not a neutral or lawyer who needs to have parties waste valuable time and money educating me on design and construction practices and concepts. I have spent time working in field operations and project management for a large contractor. Subsequent to this, I spent six years as the general counsel for a large heavy highway contractor that is also engaged in commercial building operations and material production. This position gave me the opportunity to be directly involved in the operations side of construction and also afforded me the opportunity to handle risk management, insurance, banking and surety issues that are all too important to contractors today. Through this experience, I gained valuable knowledge and insight into the management of risk and exposure to contractors and other players in the construction arena.

…to How I Deliver My Services

While some may consider it a little unorthodox, I have always approached my professional obligations with one very simple goal in mind…achieve the absolute best result in exchange for the least amount of money. This is no marketing ploy, it is just plainly and simply how I do things. If I do not feel like I am adding value to a client’s matter, they are not billed for my time. I developed this approach because I come from a family-owned business background, I have been a consumer of legal services, and I have also been part of the management team and operations of a large general contractor.

My clients get me, not a partner, associate or paralegal who I have included in the services. I also make an effort to get to know my clients well in order to better understand their needs. This philosophy has enabled me to successfully handle a wide variety of construction and design matters for a wide variety of clients.