Representative Matters

More Recent Arbitration/Mediation

Sample Large Complex Procedures matters include: delay, disruption and scheduling impacts on construction of an automotive manufacturing facility (three member panel, four weeks of hearing), scope of work and defect claims on construction of high voltage transmission project, default and termination claims by prime contractor and subcontractor on agricultural production facility (three member panel, four weeks of hearing), general contractor’s claims against plumbing contractor for default, delay and disruption damages on development project (chaired three member panel).  Sample sole arbitrator matters include: Large Complex Procedures matter for default, delay and disruption damages on methanol production facility project, private school design-build project involving delay, scope and termination issues; public school project involving subcontractor’s scope creep and termination issues; mechanical contractor’s breach of contract and contract scope claims for multiple upgrades to office building; wrongful termination claims of subcontractor on United States military facility; general contractor’s claims against subcontractor on university student center and claims for defective workmanship by owner against roofing contractor. 

Recent appointments as a mediator include resolution of 18 party design and defect claims on multiple structures on non-profit campus, delay and disruption damage claims by a second tier subcontractor on an automotive manufacturing facility; claims by a bridge painting subcontractor against the general contractor and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet; general contractor and subcontractor claims against architect and public owner for performance of scope changes; claims of an electrical subcontractor against the general contractor on a Veterans Administration hospital, site work contractor’s claims against the owner of a nursing home facility for validity of backcharges and claims of multi-state developer against plumbing contractor on projects located in different states

Recent Representative Matters

  • Defended joint venture partners on steel subcontractor’s claims for extra contractual damages on $66M bridge project
  • Defended multiple claims against architects and engineers for alleged design deficiencies and breaches of professional duties
  • Awarded summary judgment in litigation on complex claims against a geotechnical engineer regarding settlement issues at a $7M juvenile detention facility and in litigation on complex claims against a geotechnical engineer on settlement issues during the construction of a cancer treatment facility
  • Represented the site work and structural concrete subcontractor on a $30M multiple building office complex and research center. The litigation included issues of non-payment for alleged construction errors and defects
  • Represented a mechanical contractor on complex delay and coordination issues on the construction of a $30M university science facility project
  • Represented multiple condominium owners’ associations and members on multiple projects for design and construction defects
  • Defended a masonry contractor against the claims of a material supplier on the construction of a $6M courthouse project. 
  • Represented a site work contractor on claims for remediation of settlement issues on an $8M courthouse project
  • Represented the project manager in the renovation of a resort hotel and spa against the claims of the general contractor. 
  • Represented a subcontractor on the construction of a waste water treatment plant against the general contractor and its surety. 
  • Represented a large bridge contractor in a claim against the Kentucky Department of Transportation for non-payment on alleged failure to follow design specifications